Why is the minimalist style becoming more and more popular?

Why is the minimalist style becoming more and more popular? The popular minimalist style is pursued with simplicity to the extreme, sensory simplicity and neatness, conveying elegant life style, creating a super characterful charm for the home decoration platform. Take everyone all the way to understand the minimalist wind.


First, the four characteristics of the minimalist style


1.Focus on results

Minimalism to highlight the results of the plan as the center, pay attention to the scientific nature of the plan, pay attention to the results of the implementation of the plan of science and convenience.


2.Take geometric shape to do decoration

Minimalist style in the decoration will choose simple and meaningful decoration of small objects, take a lot of decorative items are painting or geometric shape decoration, on the basis of minimalist fashion style, through the rich geometric decoration disposition, in the simple lines of the expression of decorative, appear full of technology contemporary sense, to show the exquisite vitality.


3. Plan a strong sense of space

Minimalism especially exaggerates the overall plan, advocating the model-centered plan planning, the overall sense of the house is strong.


4. Saving cost

Minimalist style concept will bring the cost issue to the plan, to use it as a planning element for the overall planning of the house minimalist style, both economic and suitable, so that the decoration in the spring up to affordable and simple consequences. The minimalist style plays a wider space in the plan, and the house occupancy experience is more comfortable and durable.


Second, the minimalist wind decoration follows two general elements


1. Plan to simplify the complexity

Minimalist style of all space rarely with decorations, in the pursuit of simplicity, based on the use of clean and straight lines to enrich the layering of space, from the visual balance of the space of the sense of regularity, the consequences are more beautiful.


2. Light color system is the main

Minimalist style as a whole is based on white and light gray, bringing a clean and pure feeling, no exaggerated color matching, conveying the elegant style, highlighting the texture of space. Part of the furniture with black and white as the main color, take the wood material furniture, to create a natural and comfortable home air.


The "salt and sweet" minimalist style allows people to have more spatial associations, the plan to think about returning to life itself, the clever use of paintings, greenery, fabric, decorative objects, can enhance the style of life, with a minimalist plan to interpret the very essence of textural aesthetics.


Minimalism is not only a style, but also an attitude to the pursuit of tasteful life, comfort full and high value home, is our desire for a wonderful life.