Minimalism is a style of decoration and a popular way of life

Minimalism is a style of decoration and a way of life. In this society of traffic, most of us feel that the pace of life is too fast and time passes in an instant. Therefore, more and more people want their living environment to be simpler and more relaxed.

So what is the minimalist style?

Simply put, minimalism is the idea that everything in your home is useless, without any useless objects.

Minimalist style is simplified to the extreme, both in terms of hard and soft furnishings.

The color palette of minimalist style is also very simple, generally white + gray as the main tone.

Minimalist style is concerned with our life itself, it also has a temperature, not "not eat the fire and fire".

Minimalist style just subtracts from our life, eliminating the unnecessary "miscellaneous" in life, thus making our life more convenient and self-awareness more clear.

There is a modernist master Raymond said "less is more", applied to interior design, such a concept is the original source of the minimalist style.

Minimalism may seem to make us have "less", but it gives us the possibility to live with "more".

So, how can we create a pure minimalist style?

1、Fresh visual effect

Minimalist style hates cumbersome hard furnishing modeling, the most favorite is the big white wall approach. Large white walls can expand the visual effect, play the role of expansion, thus making the space more spacious.

Of course, this style is not inaction, but the refinement of expression, to simplify the technique, so that the space has a more hierarchical sense, sense of line, vertical and horizontal interlacing between the more respected smooth and simple lines of beauty

2、Ditch the useless decoration

Do you find that some things have always existed in your home, but it is difficult to use once a year? In the concept of minimalist style, these things are not allowed to exist. Discard these items as much as possible. Remove the non-functional decorative elements, on the one hand, can make the visual become more refreshing; on the other hand, it can also make the space more neat and tidy.

3、Plain sense of color matching

Minimalist style does not mean that only white, but its color scheme is more plain, so that the space has a sense of tranquility. The warmth of the home is not brought by colorful, but a refreshing, unified color scheme to create.