The more simple the more advanced artwork, this is the best way to open minimalism

The minimalist space, based on modernism, streamlines the design elements and retains only the most basic functional parts: pure single colors, geometric shapes, simple forms and functions, in order to create a space atmosphere full of peace and tranquility. In line with the principles of minimalism, the choice of artwork for a minimalist space does not need to be overwhelming, and it is especially important to choose the right piece.

In a minimalist theme, there is usually only one piece of artwork on an entire wall as a visual focal point to highlight its importance. It can be a large monochrome canvas or a small, simple figure with a black border.

Peter Ibsen describes his bedroom this way: How many things do we really need? Art, a bed and an old chair, that's all we need, no more! He is the founder of the Copenhagen Contemporary Art Museum, a collector and one of Christie's 100 recommended ins art bloggers.

Selecting art rules, naturally, but according to size, style, color, theme, or the home already inspiring pieces, etc. to choose. But the core is 'choose what you love', when you see a painting, you really like it will have different but beautiful personal feelings of pleasure, excitement, relaxation, etc. Choosing a painting is very troublesome, but for the pleasure of mind and body, reflecting the unique personality and taste, all the effort will be worth it.