My home is a minimalist style, what kind of Painting is better to choose?

The soul of the wall is in the decoration, and painting is a common method of decoration. A suitable painting can bring a sense of premium to the space

So how to choose the right painting for your home? Here is a summary of practical tips for you to choose a painting

There are millions of art, in the end, which one is suitable for you?

First of all, the selected decorative painting should be unified with the overall style of the space, from the color, pattern to the material of the painting should be taken into account.

If the decorating style is minimalist, please do not choose the Chinese flower and bird patterns, but choose the minimalist works with modern sense, less is more (less is more) is also applicable here.

Usually the style of the artwork should be matched with the style of the living room decoration, do not put some elements with too much difference in style together, which will easily give a sense of incompatibility.

In the back wall of large space areas such as living and dining rooms, there is usually a large white space, by placing larger paintings on the floor, in the case of making the space as clear as possible, to do not monotonous.

In addition paintings can also make up for the lack of interior design, for example, if the overall decoration is dull, you can choose brighter works.

In the living room aisle, entryway and other access locations, we can properly place some cabinets in the right place, and arrange some ornaments and paintings in places where there is light sweeping through. The choice of content, need to pay attention to the surrounding environment, with a good overall range of colors, a more secure approach, or choose black and white gray as the base color of narrow or borderless works.


Want to choose the right minimalist art, in fact, is not difficult. Lines, contours, simplicity, plain colors, discard superfluous elements, make appropriate white, senior sense, will be naturally presented.